Why Your Auto Repair Shop Needs A Professional Website


According to RetailDIVE, “More than 65% of consumers conduct online product research before stepping foot in a store, amplifying the need for retailers to optimize digital experiences.” It is safe to say this is also true when your potential customers are asking the question, “Where should I take my car for service?”  Having an optimized, informative and well-designed professional Auto Repair Shop Website puts your business miles ahead of your competition.

What do you mean by “Optimize?”

Online visibility is more important than ever before. Where you come up when a customer searches for your service is dependent on how optimized and reputable you are online. Unfortunately, if you don’t end up on the first few pages, it is likely you won’t be found at all. Web optimization or search engine optimization (SEO) helps with that, and it is defined as series of tactics that improve the reputation of your site to search engines. This is done through content, positive reviews and a whole lot of other tricks SEO gurus have been training for their entire careers.

So what’s the value?

Well we’ve already talked about the need to rank online, but communication is a big deal too. Have you ever gone to a site and thought to yourself, “This must have been designed about ten years ago,” and automatically discredited the site? Having a bad website can be even worse as it can leave a lasting negative impression of your business, and often the first one is your last.

You want your site to reflect the kind of shop you are and the level of service that you will be providing them. Having a good layout and strategically mapped out site allows your customers to easily find services instead of getting frustrated about not finding pertinent info and leaving your site before an appointment is made.

Are you having doubts about your website?

Websites can be tricky, and they need to be updated more often than you think to rank well in search results. If your shop is not coming up well in search results, you’re having difficulties keeping up with website maintenance or just aren’t happy with the look and navigation of your site, get help!

Looking for a solution that actually shows results?

Having a partner who is a master in the website arena can not only be a timesaver but also the assurance you need that your website is optimized properly. The SocialCRM shop marketing service has just launched a new program feature called LocalSearch, which is a set of advanced auto repair shop marketing services that includes premium websites. Here are some ways LocalSearch is helping auto repair shops with their professional websites.Auto shop websites - premium websites by Mitchell 1's LocalSearch

Example of a LocalSearch professional automotive repair shop website created by Mitchell 1’s SocialCRM

  • Professional and well-designed layouts (example), creation and maintenance
  • SEO Optimization
  • Strategic user navigation and website structure
  • Website traffic and behavior reporting
  • Appointments and updated promotions
  • Embedded positive reviews from recently serviced vehicles and an aggregated list of cars serviced by shop including the services provided by the shop
  • Syndicated blog posts
  • Social network linking

Read here for more information on how LocalSearch from SocialCRM can assist you and your business.